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So i'm selling my dads summer toy, as the A/C doesn't work no more he doesn't want to drive it anymore, and he wont let me touch it cause he's a dick like that and also took my dealer plate.

The car is kept inside the shop all year round just put outside during shop hours, its clean for its age then again everyone says that so come have a look at it.

here's the link to the ad on kijiji, and if your going to low ball me u might as well do it on here rather then doing it on there and thinking i dont know ur a maxbimmer member cause chances are i would be nicer to max members then some random guy.

THE K'S are 480,000 KM but runs like a champ and tranny was replaced for brand new when i was at the dealership. The customer ended up buying a new gs450h when his wife passed and traded this in, and cause i was the one that helped him with the tranny 4 months b4 the trade in he told me about the car first and also he wasn't gonna trade in dealer would only give like 1000 MAX no matter what cause of the age. so i picked it up for 2800 off him had for about 2 years i think maybe now, first day i got it took it on 1/4 hit 14.7 at 91mph so i bet it could do better with better tires. but then gave it to my dad cuase he seemed to have fallen in love with it.

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