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Originally Posted by pierre* View Post
I bought the big Michelin Jack aluminium.
It's very low, lift is 3po3/4 up to 18po
It's lightweight, cost around 300$ but periodicaly on sale at 200$
Good for 1ton1/2.
I curently use it for the e30.

Cnd Tire also cary a smaler Michelin all luminium 18po jack for the traveller.

Why not buy the stands, not aluminium but Michelin.

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Yeah -- pretty sure Michelin is licensing their name for those.

The one to get is the heavy all steel one. Three ton capacity, and it lifts to 21 inches in height. Even Princess Auto's best can't compete with that lift height, especially important for big guys like me. The kicker is it weighs 97 pounds -- not super easy for those of us without garages to keep them in. Carting it from the basement would have me going to mechanics for everything!
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