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I have a 1999 Z3 Coupe (regular version, not an M version). It came with hard rubber tires from Texas that are very noisy. It sounds like the wheel bearings are shot when driving. The rims are stock 16" rims. Would it be to much of an advantage to put 17" rims on the car, and if so suggestions are welcome as to type and where to buy.

I need to change the tires and am looking for good grip, QUIET tires. Any suggestions based on personal experience would be greatly appreciated. Also any suggestions as to where to buy your recommendation would also be appreciated. I am located in Toronto.

Henry (416-231-1870)

Just to let you know, Just to let you know, I got a great deal on a set of Bridgestone Potenza Tires. I forget the actual number code as there are about a dozen different one. I got them from OK tire in Etobicoke. I can tell you there is absolutely now tire noise. Before I could hardly hear myself think in the car. Its like getting a new car. What a treat.

Thanks for your feedback,
Henry Veenhoven
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