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FT: Body&Paint on e30 for my e36

Pretty much just testing waters since I have an e36 just sitting around wasting away. I do have a buyers, but they won't have to 'save up' first so, maybe i can just get rid of it and finish body on my e30. It's a win, win, win!

I'm willing to trade my e36 (95 325i) for full body work and paint on my e30,...anyone know a body shop?

That bad on the e36 = two or three spots of rust bubling up. I let my GF drive it too much as well untill I got her a new car so this means 1 one and a half foot scrape on the rear 1/4 and some curb rash on my 17''s.
tires are pretty much bald.
No Stereo because I had a carputer running in there.
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