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.:JRP, Toyo Tires and SPDA presents:. ATTS III – Touge

ATTS III – Touge - Saturday August 29

In the mountains of Japan, drivers used to meet up discreetly to compete for top honours in this challenging skills competition. Their course led them through treacherous narrow mountain paths, sometimes wide enough for only 1 car. The 2 competitors would chase each other up the mountain in search of Victory.

Toyo Tires / JRP and SPDA bring to you event 3 – Touge, the first event of it’s type in Canada. Dunville Autodrome on August 29th is where this will take place. The road course will be modified slightly, to simulate the narrow mountain passes, but don’t worry, we won’t mess with the flow of Dunville. The result will be an event that’s as exciting for the competitor as it is for the spectators.

Events 1 and 2 have passed, the scores have been tabulated, as it sits, it is known that some of the participants from Event 1 and 2 will not be able to make Event 3. What this means is, the whole series is still up for grabs. There are some close battles taking place, and currently there is a 3 way tie between first place. The next 2 events will determine who will be the ATTS 2009 champion.

Currently, there are 61 registered competitors for the Touge, for this event, to ensure that everyone gets adequate track time, we’re capping the competitors at 80 Max.

• Registration: 7:30 – 9:00
• Scrutinizing: 7:30 – 10:00
• Drivers Meeting: 8:45
• Track open for walk: After registration first & Scrutineer
• Practice Runs: 9:00 – 12:00
• Elimination Runs: 12:30
• Event Awards @ 4:30 (Estimated)

We urge everyone to arrive early to walk the track, you’ll need the time to understand the track changes. We guarantee that this event will be one of the most fun events you’ve ever attended.

Register now to secure your spot:

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