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Thanks for the comments guys.

Time for some updates.

Removing that tranny was a pain.... Never had to do that before while the engine was still installed....

Old clutch. Replaced 50k kms ago. Anyone need one?

Flywheel still looks perfect. Resurfaced/lightened 50k ago.

New clutch installed (South Bend stage 4).

Clutch Review

This this is awesome. It feels exactly like stock. Same pedal force, same engagement (ie, not that grippy and no chatter), although it holds everything I've thrown at it. It's the same price as the TCD/UUC one, but I feel it has none of the disadvantages associated with it (although I've never driven one before, only word of mouth). Purchased through a vendor on Bimmerforums (screen name: JordanMD88).

I'd recommend this clutch to anyone.

Ohh.... I'm still working on vids! 3rd gear pulls are awesome now
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