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Bilstein binding?

This is on a '99 328is fitted with PSS, for over a year (10,000 KM roughly)
I get a rattling/knocking sound when rolling slowly on rough surfaces. The exact same noise as a loose/worn sway bar drop link. So I thought I'd take care of that pretty easily. But no.

Complete extensive check (myself) of the whole front end eliminated any looseness anywhere. The noise comes from the shocks/strut, definitely.

The noise is produced by the shocks initiating their descent "pop" and going back up - another "pop". It's like the shocks are "binding" and hard to move up and down. When pushing down on the fender, it won't bounce quite back up to the same point. When I help it back up by pulling, it "pops" and goes back up. They sticks. Hard to start moving. But they dampen no problem. No leak. No obvious damage. Something's not right.

Anyone heard of anything like that?

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