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318i vs. Civic Si

318's are slow, but almost every civic si I have ever raced, i've beaten by at least a car length b4 getting to 100km/h. It is the people who drive civic si's and put all that powered by honda shit and their ghetto body kits that r called ricers. And in the end, engine wise, they haven't done anything to their cars. Obviously, those people get smoked and make honda look like shit. Otherwise, the NSX, S2000, Type R are all amazing cars. So RESPECT to Honda.

BTW, someone said the S2000 is a woman's car. Well that's what they say about all small convertibles such as the SLK230, Z3, Miata, etc etc. But in fact, I am almost certain that it takes a lot of skill to drive an S2000 well. The fact that it has low torque makes it a hard car to drive fast becuase u have to stay at high RPM's to take advantage of the one thing it does have, HP. I once read that if u start an S2000 at 2000rpm and floor it, it takes around 10s to reach 100km/h. I dunno if this is exactly true. However, if you start at 6000 rpm u can reach 100km/h in around 6s. At 6000rpm u would prolly skid, so u would have to know ur gas petal and clutch pretty well. After 160km/h S2000's r not prolly much faster than a 328i. Anyways, the point i want to make is that S2000's r fun cars to drive quickly through the city cuz they r small and nibble. You gotta be skilled to really take advantage of an S2000's performance.
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