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How to describe the car: This thing is nuts. (as many of you already experience daily). I’ve never been in something with this much ass-kicking torque before. It’s a new experience and I’m hooked…
The MS tuning is still a work in progress, but it’s coming along reasonably smoothly. The car can spin the wheels on a roll in 2nd, but unfortunately the clutch starts slipping in 3rd (duh….). I can reach full boost (1 bar) by 4500rpm. I’ve got a new Stage 4 clutch in the mail from South Bend and will update when that gets installed. Once my fueling is sorted out, I’ll spend a few hours on a dyno to get the ignition maps finalized (and get some whp numbers!).
Videos will also start showing up once this car is “legal” and insured.
There will also be some updates to this as new things progress (ie. Clutch, new differential, updated cooling system, brakes, etc….)
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