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The unfortunate part about that piece is that the threads on both ends need to be different, which makes life a bit more complicated.
The oil cooler is B&M unit purchased through Summit. When installing the AN-to-NPT fittings onto the cooler you need to use LOTS of Teflon tape. I had to remove the fittings at one point, and the fittings galled the tapped holes in the cooler and stripped out most of the threads. It has been patched with JB weld and is still holding (thankfully).

For the turbo drain, I milled a flat section on the side of the oil pan and drilled through for a 90 degree bulkhead fitting. Nuts were used on both sides and good quality RTV used for sealing.

I also installed a new oil pump while the pan was off (and the old one was VERY rough).

For removing and installing the oil pan, I needed to lift the engine a bit for clearance issues. I don’t own an engine lift, so I built my own device for lifting the engine. It straddles the engine bay and sits on the frame rails. A large threaded rod with a fastener on one end is attached to the engine lift point at the front, and then it is lifted by turning the nut on the threaded rod. Worked pretty well, although it was still a bit of a pain putting everything back together under there…

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