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Originally Posted by R_JAY View Post
Was on my way to get my iphone screen fixed on Saturday when I saw your HID's come up behind me. This was on Hwy 10 and I was in the silver E36 4dr. You blew by me pretty fast so I couldn't say wassup. My son was in the back seat so I wasn't gonna try to catch up. You made a left on some street and booked it. Nice ride and the HID's look killer in the rear view.

Hey man, yeah i remember this distinctly!!! I was rushing as fast as I could legally to avoid the rain!!!LOLOL, i almost got stuck in the 401 traffic , so i was making up time to avoid that monster cloud that dumped torrential rain. You car looks sick, if it wasn t for the storm chase, i wouldn t have flown like that. and would of slowed to say hey. I did get a few heavy drops but made it to my garage just in time.
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