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Originally Posted by propr'one View Post
Small, light, battery life. In that order.

I have a T60 with 1.83ghz but I decked it out with 500g hd and 3g ram, wouldn't trade it for the world. The last true IBM. I got it in 2006, when they were built by IBM I believe. I checked out the lenovos, build quality is just not there, and the design is not there either.

I see it this way:

IBMs are like old school BMW & Mercedes, over engineered and built like rocks.
Lenovo was like Bangle who came out and changed things around and introduced a e46. Still a decent car but not exactly like the good old days.
Then Lenovo takes over, which is akin to the e90s and newer models coming out. Build quality and design is not there and it shows.

If I had to get a laptop, macbook only, nothing else.

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