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Originally Posted by Steve30 View Post
I saw quite a few bimmers tonight! I was at the rona lot with a couple of my buddies. I saw W2W, you actually asked us where the max meet was and then I saw rich and a red e30 pull in like an hour later. The chapters lot was way too packed so I didn't even bother trying to park there.
lol i went to the timmies parking lot and it was packed with the ricers then they moved to the chapters parking lot i went back to the rona lot and saw rudy and the other guy in blk e30. rich didnt get in till later i was backing up to follow them and some idiot in a crown vic was blocking me then i sat in the rona lot by that time you diped. i figured the meet was where you were because there was a e46 e92 and your car. parked in that area lol
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