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Originally Posted by 325iGuy View Post
He responded that essentially in Hamilton all roads are required to be spec'd to endure the "Storm of the Century" and that the storm was beyond the capacity of the city infrastructure based on pure volume falling coupled with the short durations.
Originally Posted by ctgazer View Post
no disrepect to the OP or his father, but just how big did the city think that the "storm of the century" would be? the storm was big, but i doubt it was the biggest we've ever had, nor will it be the biggest we've seen yet..
I'm sure we've had wilder and longer storms in the past, more rainfall, etc... but the difference is how much water fell in such a short amount of time. If we had the exact same rainfall spread over a day, it wouldn't have been a big deal. Because it happens over a few short hours, the volume of water on the ground was just too much for the city infrastructure to handle...
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