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^ You don't wanna know.

..but I'll tell you anyways.

4chan is a forum based on posting pictures. You post a picture, you say something, and then it goes from there. There are many different sub-forums for different topics, /b/ being the "random" sub-forum. The internet ends in /b/. It's where the dregs of the internet hang out, and they are anonymous. There are many of them, they are everywhere, and they are capable of things you can't even comprehend. Although most of their time is spent wasted on memes and lulz, once in a while they unite to do something huge so long as it catches their fancy. Take Scientology, for example. They attack it for the lulz, and why not. The scary thing is though, Scientology is very good at cutting down it's opponents, and it's having a tough time cutting down Anonymous. They are powerful!! *thunder clap*

**** the first two rules, people need to know! If AT&T had purposefully chosen to move against the dregs of /b/, I tell you we would have witnessed glorious retribution the likes of which you have never seen! Heavens would crumble, the ground would shake, and...... maybe there would be a few misleading facts about a few people the got put on a website or two, and nothing much would ever really come from it. Some fatties would turn it into a joke and laugh about it for the next 6 months.

That's what 4chan is. Don't go there unless you want some really cool high res desktop wallpapers. Or high res vaginas, whichever.
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