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one thing

The 540i does weigh a lot, 3750 pounds. BUT, on the highway u already have momentum so it matters more about engine power than car weight. The E36 M3 has 236 ft/lbs or torque. The 540i has 324 ft/fts. It stands NO chance. And from what Fernando said, if he beat a S4, than for sure a 540i could beat an E36 M3. The S4 and E36 M3 have always been extremely similar performant cars. 540i's have been reported to do 0-60 in 5.5s, even tho i think it is more like 6s. And they've done quarter miles at 101.4mph @ 13.9s. The same site shows an E36 M3 as being 98.6mph@14.1s. Go to They have some pretty cool shit. There is this comptech E class, holy shit, it can easily rape a 911 turbo on the highway. It's got a top speed of over 320km/h. Imagine cruising on the autobahn at 300km/h and feeling nice and cumfyyy. That pimps! Or even high beeming a 911 turbo to get the #%#$ out of ur way. The turbo would be like, what the hell is going on, i'm confused.
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