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Sunday's Storm -Post Pics-

Did Hamilton get the worst of the storms on Sunday? Post your flooding pics!

These pics were taken, not by me, following one of the numerous heavy downpours that rocked the GTA this past Sunday(July 26 2009). The location is the Red Hill Valley Expressway facing northbound(towards the lake).

For anyone who did not know the Red Hill does have water run off to the nearby Creek.

My father is a director in the planning dept @ city of Hamilton and I had asked if they planned this one out or if someone cocked up. He responded that essentially in Hamilton all roads are required to be spec'd to endure the "Storm of the Century" and that the storm was beyond the capacity of the city infrastructure based on pure volume falling coupled with the short durations.

I employ everyone to post their pics, be them personal or from some other media. I know it rained everywhere on Sunday, minus Niagara Falls, so lets see some pics!
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