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Not bad for stretched 215 all-season tires, eh?

I was black flagged because one of the officials went on a power trip. Basically after 6-7 cars were already on track, she said to me "I hope you don't think you're going on the track" as she was walking up to the main gate. When I said yes, and that I (as well as everyone else who just went on the track) have a wristband and have been given the green light by the head marshall as well as Randy, she went and spoke with the other official there. In this time, I lined up behind Rob (red E30), as he was also being held up at the gate and had signed up with me. After the two officials, now together, chatted for a bit, they moved out of the way to let us go on track. I merged on track about 30 seconds after Rob, with absolutely no cars within sight on the main straight. After around 15 mins of safe lapping, the marshall black flagged me.

What it comes down to is that it appears that she really just wanted to go home, and, after realizing that has no grounds to stop our entire group from lapping, decided to do the next best thing and pull me off. Not one other car/driver were penalized for anything. It didn't make much sense, but I did get about 7 laps in at least.

To another track we go!
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