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WRX and a T5

I was in woodbridge once and in front of me was a WRX lined up besides a t5-R. It was just at the bottom of that bridge going over the 400 like a bridge. The WRX was revving its engine and the S70 T5 was just staying still ignoring it. The WRX got sick of revving and stopped. Just a 10th of a second b4 the light turned green the T5 blasted it. Man the WRX got really confused when he saw that T5 take off like a rocket. After pondering a second or two the WRX hit it. When I got to the top of the bridge and looked down the T5 was maybe 20m ahead. The WRX never caught up. So yaaah, RESPECT for the T5's.
Cris M.
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