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AT&T Blocks 4chan /b/

High on the list of Things Not To Do on the World Wide Web is "hack off 4chan," the anonymous Internet message board community that blurs the line between a low-filtered Internet sounding board and launching pad for hijinks, Rickrolls, and full-scale protests. If you surfed one of the site's gateways--especially the notorious board for random posting, "/b/"--you might understand why an average person could take offense to the kinds of humor, images, and messages that get posted in upwards of 150,000 to 200,000 times each day.

Well, AT&T took offense, at least. According to numerous reports from users nationwide, the Internet Service Provider began blocking access to parts of 4chan--specifically, the subdomain that's used by the /b/ message board--as early as 10 a.m. Pacific time Sunday morning. As the 4chan users began assembling online to wage their private war, was able to confirm with AT&T corporate that the company was, "currently blocking portions of the internet site"

This is going to be interesting LOL
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