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Originally Posted by 344i View Post
Name calling is a ban-able offence. Grow up. If you care about your car so much, you would understand my post. When a 16 yr old hits your car, don t come crying on the internet. You weren t there last night and you didnt see the stupidity that was going on, like the drifting red civic sedan that almost slammed a cruiser, or the 8 16 yr olds hanging to the side of a speeding hummer that swerved around the parking lot.
I do care about my car, very much, just because I've left it stock does not mean I don't care about it. That was the main thing that pissed me off about your post, thus my reply. I don't pretend I'm tough shit on the internet, nor would I come crying and whining on maX about my car being hit, I'll leave that to you, since you seem to be doing a pretty good job at it already.
Originally Posted by 344i View Post
Excuse me? Pretty civil... Reading the above, i ll stick to the woodbridge meets. The only "big shot" here, is you. Enjoy your thread, and your meets, you can now officially count bmw_7,Bimmerette, Mazdarxwhat? and myself out. We ll make sure to spread the civility to other members too. Count on it.
LOL! That last part cracked me up. Seriously, that made my night.
Who's the one that needs to grow up ?!

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