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Originally Posted by pawcio View Post
Guilty conscience? If you decided to mod you car in a way that makes you uncomfortable being seen by cops then its something you have to live with, timmies parking lots or on the street. I didn't force you to mod your car or come to the meet. Cops have driven by our meet many times and not looked twice because I can't think of a reason for them to. As long as you don't drift into the timmies I don't think you have much to worry about. We're pretty civil at the meets and personally I find the ricers quite entertaining.

I've been to the Woodbridge meet and I can distinctly remember 2 civics with fart cannons racing around the parking lot. Just as great of a chance they might run into someone there. Its just the risks we have to live with in a civic infested city.

Also, please show some respect and if you have comments or suggestions don't lash out like a big shot from behind your computer keyboard and give reasonable suggestions. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but don't go around f*cking up my thread. Thanks.

P.S. my car isn't "all stock"...and the reason its not heavily modded is because i've only had it for 3 months.
Excuse me? Pretty civil... Reading the above, i ll stick to the woodbridge meets. The only "big shot" here, is you. Enjoy your thread, and your meets, you can now officially count bmw_7,Bimmerette, Mazdarxwhat? and myself out. We ll make sure to spread the civility to other members too. Count on it.

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