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Originally Posted by 344i View Post
Your car is stock, you have nothing to worry about sure, what about the rest of us? Why make the meet in teenager, weed and a heat score plaza? From what Ive seen last night, I don t want to take my car there, ever. Some 16 yr old in a civic and a rice can is going to slam into me because he is trying to "drift" into timmies. Thanks, but no thanks.
Guilty conscience? If you decided to mod you car in a way that makes you uncomfortable being seen by cops then its something you have to live with, timmies parking lots or on the street. I didn't force you to mod your car or come to the meet. Cops have driven by our meet many times and not looked twice because I can't think of a reason for them to. As long as you don't drift into the timmies I don't think you have much to worry about. We're pretty civil at the meets and personally I find the ricers quite entertaining.

I've been to the Woodbridge meet and I can distinctly remember 2 civics with fart cannons racing around the parking lot. Just as great of a chance they might run into someone there. Its just the risks we have to live with in a civic infested city.

Also, please show some respect and if you have comments or suggestions don't lash out like a big shot from behind your computer keyboard and give reasonable suggestions. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but don't go around f*cking up my thread. Thanks.

P.S. my car isn't "all stock"...and the reason its not heavily modded is because i've only had it for 3 months.

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