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Originally Posted by NOTORIOUS VR View Post
^^^ These speed tests are over your cellphone (tethered???) or home internet?

Rogers is faster if you're using a faster device (new Iphone 3GS, or a Rocket Stick), much faster.

And Rogers home internet is the fastest in Ontario... and that's what counts. If people are still using torrents and complaining about speeds that's no ones fault but their own.
This is using a 3.5g USB modem(same as Rogers stick). The highest speed I've seen was 700KBps downloading Windows update.

Still, Rogers stick is $80 a month for 5gb + $0.03 for each additional MB plus $7 access fee. If I were to use Rogers stick in Canada as I'm using it here in Estonia it would cose me $80(for first 5gb) + $2340(additional 78gb I've used) + $7(bs system access fee) = $2427 while I'm paying $45 in a shitty eastern european country. Canada has a long way to go.
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