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What pisses me off is the way they're trying to push cycling onto a culture who has zero idea about how it should safely integrate (like introducing cars to India). Every one of those mother****ers has the biggest sense of entitlement I've ever seen, putting union workers to shame. With the health craze, their numbers have gone up a good fivefold, with at least one cocksucker per 5km saving himself. WELL WHY CAN'T HE DO IT ON THE EMPTY MOTHER****ING SIDEWALK? Ok fine, downtown at 5pm there's probably more danger to using the sidewalk - you'd mow people down. But surely in suburbia where no one walks, you can use that empty little strip beside the road, surrounded by grass and trees, and be one with your chi.

One other thing - so Ontario has cockblocked that city electric car because it's too slow (it only does like 60 or 80kmh or something, I guess they fear that someone may take it on the 400s), and they are pushing for more people to ride bicycles on the roads... that's all kinds of awesome.
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