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I know it was valid tix. Just a case where they still pull cars over 2cheak how legal they are and tow them when not. I personly think it harassment when they are single out our community. Cuz I dont see them pulling cars over with mufflers that are bout too fall off or the ones that are smoking going down the road. They rather give ppl who take pride in there work and who make there cars custom which isnt illegal. They give them the tix. Its just because cops are jeolous of our cars so its there way of saying f@#k you for doing better then them in life or something. But I got off the tix by buying hose same day as tix and playing stupid that i didnt know! Hose never went on and i sold the car that way. But by fare the most racing on our streets are done by cops! Ive even witnessed a drag race on southdown road between two peel cops in there cruisers! And how many times have you seen them doing twice the limit with no lights on?
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