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Originally Posted by pawcio View Post
The only suggestion I can think of now was the classification of the time attack and I spoke to a few people about this and they agreed. Someone with a small 4-cylinder car can be in the street class against a GT2 with no mods...or a small car with minor mods can be in the prepared class and go up against an M3 or M5 that has only been chipped. So my suggestion is that cars be first divided into MSRP price brackets and then into the street, prepared and modified categories based on mod points. Otherwise you can have a guy with a small supercharged, heavily modified car being slower than a "street" GT2. Not that I really cared about this. I was just enjoying the cars ripping around the track but I guess its nice for the drivers to see how they stack up against cars with similar performance.
Good point. I will consider this next year! Thanks
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