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Originally Posted by everlast View Post
I didn't look closely at the blue e30 (one of the two Gananoque guys) but I'd love to find out specs on those wheels. They look like an implementation of what I've been considering: 7" wide front wheel, approx ET25 and 8" (or 8.5"?) wide rear ET~20.

Can the owner chime in? I'm anxious to hear what handling is like. When I spaced out the rear 7" wide wheels 15mm, the car gained dangerous amounts of oversteer.
hey everlast,
18x8 all around with 40mm offset and 8 mm eibach spacers. gonna get 15mm ones for the rear to get rid of a bit more gap. they are staggered lips not actually staggerd sizes. hope this helps R-1 wheels Drift series.
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