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Alright, I'll chime in...

First of all, just want to say a big thank you to Randy and all the event staff for putting on a fantastic show!! There was a great turnout, some really nice cars, great people, great times! Nicely done, you guys deserve a huge round of applause!

Okay, my take on the prices... not the end of the world. Like it was mentioned, the $20 per head (not per car) was unexpected, but that's the price of admission and it's beyond anyone's control. Really though, when you compare it to any other public event, it's not out of line. You need to pay to get into anything, that's just how it is. Price of food? Didn't phase me at all. That's completely expected at any public event... fries and a hot dog would not be any cheaper at some local county fair, why would it be at a track?

The racing was alright... lapping prices were a bit high, but the strip was fine. $40 for all-you-can-drive isn't unreasonable. It's too bad the track wasn't as dry and hot as it could have been, I'm sure we could have seen some better times out of some of these. (Randy, I know you can break 6 minutes if conditions are right )

Otherwise I don't think I've got anything to complain about! We had a nice long day, tons of people to talk to, tons of beautiful cars to look at (although next time we need to up the ante on the "other" eye candy... it's a big park... haha). The weather actually did all right... it never actually raised, and we didn't bake all day in the hot sun, so win-win I'd say. The cruise on the way over was nice, very scenic! But those damn bicycles need to go... don't they know we have places to drive to!?

Once again, fantastic show guys!! Can't wait 'til next year!
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