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I'll give my 2 cents on this. I entered the time trial, and we were only supposed to get 2 15 min practice sessions. People who paid for lapping were only supposed to get 8x15. I don't know if I should be saying this but let's just say people got a LOT more than they paid for. The $20 admission is not Randy's choice. That's what it costs to enter TMP. Think of it as if he held the show in a provincial park or a downtown parking lot - you pay what the facility charges to get in, and beyond that it's up to the promoter. So I could understand that people who just wanted to drop by and look, $20 may not be a huge value, since it was mainly private enthusiasts showing off/lapping/dragging - only a few full-on race cars. But then that's not what this show really caters to anyway. In my opinion it's mainly for the participants, not the spectators. And speaking as one, I can say that the day was a blast and an amazing value.

PS: To anyone who didn't like the price of food, welcome to every racetrack (or any other remote place with some kind of on-site catering).
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