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$40 for competing is completely acceptable, it's probably cheaper than any other show.

$20 may be much for a spectator, but sometimes it's due to the venue, and not the organizer.

For what it's worth, I thought the show was really good, randy put a lot into this show, and sometimes as a spectator, you don't realize how much he puts into it. To hold the show at cayuga cost a pretty penny, I don't know if he even broke even on the show. Remember that Randy has no obligation to do this show, and he's doing it more for the community than himself.

Big up to Randy on another great show. He worked his ass off for this show guys, I know $20 seem's like a lot, but I'm sure he tried to keep things as reasonable as possible. I think paying the $60 bucks once per year is worth it to have the community together like this.

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