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Originally Posted by Eurostyle View Post
Having seen all the events since the start, (7-8 years ago? dont even remeber lol) i have to say things have changed a LOT! The firts ones were very simple, not more then just a regular meet...NO prizes, not many sponsors (Motronix and Chuch's if i remember). Over the years it changed to a full out car show, with all the costs! (sponsors, track rental, insurance, prizes, dyno, etc etc etc...)

I think the price is low, considering registration to most shows is about $75 and $18-20 entrance per person!

As for shops/sponsors not beeing allowed to compete...get real, go to any car show and see who wins!! Its the BEST cars, in other words the most work done...and 95% of the time its people in the business. Like any other Motorsport these days, its all about how much $$$/sponsors you have backing you up.

Agreed, i dont think 20$ per person is expensive!
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