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I agree with this.. Randy thanks for organizing this and your effort is greatly appreciated, after all we all know Bimmercruise would not exist without you.

I must say however that every year there are obstacles that undoubtedly drive people away. Example - the 2008 show was free to spectate but was $20 participate in the show. That's doable and I don't know why this couldn't be done this time?

Some pics of arguably the best show we ever had, Bimmercruise 2003, when admission & spectating was free, it was located within GTA, and it seems we had the biggest turnout with the most interesting cars. For those of you who don't remember or haven't been, here are some pics.

This was a beautiful show perfectly executed. E36s were together, E46s were together, and to top it off we had some rare cars - the Z1 and Z8 drop by. I hope we have a show like that again, but from the looks of it I don't think we ever will


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