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Bimmercruise 2009 Feedback

First of all let me give a big thanks to all the members of maxbimmer who made this possible and all the hard work they put into the event. In all honesty, you guys make it worthwhile to come out.

Some feedback from myself and other people I talked to throughout the event, I feel there are a few pointers for next time.

The price: when I first read the thread I figured $20 per car, and $40 to compete. Ok, doable, however, at the track gates this was quite different. It turned out to be 20$ per person, and an extra $40 to compete. This is crazy expensive, and I saw many cars make u turns out of the park in search of ATMs because the price came as a shock.

The drag races were ok, i guess $40 is doable for the day however, when added to the other costs, this was an expensive event for our members, and not that many people did laps or drag racing. It was a shame. Lapping I will say was alot

Food was a tad much too, many members found themselves leaving the course in search of less expensive food choices in Cayuga.

Lastly the biggest shame, was the competition. Don't get me wrong, it was like usual, but I don't think its fair to allow sponsors and shops to compete with the general public. Its a unfair advantage, access to parts, lifts, tools, and they always win all the prizes. Sponsor and shop cars are terrific , don t get me wrong, but how can anyone else match their dedicated budgets?

Just a few collective thoughts.
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