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Originally Posted by ericdalinda View Post
God bless etobicoke!!!
Thank super-conservative Doug Holyday for outsourcing Garbage in that region.
Doug Holyday is a city councillor in Toronto, Canada, who represents Ward 3 which is part of Etobicoke Centre. He was the last mayor of the former city of Etobicoke, which was merged into Toronto subsequent to the 1997 municipal elections. He was also a member of the Metropolitan Toronto Council from 1994 to 1997, and previously served as an Etobicoke councillor for nine years. One of Toronto council's staunchest conservatives, he is noted for his fiscal conservatism and tendency to oppose public spending measures.

Holyday has lived his entire life in Etobicoke, and was a successful businessman before entering political life.

In addition to his fiscal conservatism, Holyday has also supported conservative policies in other fields. He has proposed removing the homeless from Nathan Phillips Square, and was the only member of council not to vote for a resolution describing homelessness as a national disaster. He once castigated plans to close certain streets in downtown Toronto for a "car-free day" as "catastrophic", saying that that would have a negative impact on businesses. Holyday also supported reducing the number of councillors, and voted against childcare subsidies. He also voted against holding an inquiry into the MFP computer leasing scandal. In 2003, Now Magazine cited this voting pattern in naming Holyday Toronto's worst councillor.[1]

Holyday ran for the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as a Progressive Conservative candidate in the 1987 provincial election, but lost to Liberal Linda LeBourdais by over 6,000 votes. He was asked to run for the Tories in the 2003 provincial election, but declined.

Holyday did not face serious opposition in the 2003 municipal election or the 2006 municipal election and has been re-elected without difficulty.
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