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Originally Posted by AMG_POWER View Post
its lighter and has more power then any other competitor so far... I think they claimed 200 hp... but it came down to 193 i think...

Shift assistant is nothing new there's plenty of them on the market, but this one will work with your bikes ecu, it is basically when you accelerating you just switch gears with no clutch.
I had a buddy with a GsxR 600 and another buddy with a zx6r and handling is a HUGE factor to consider on a bike.... normally a few extra horses wont do you much good if you cant hammer the corners with open throttle on good tires. Also keeping that front wheel down with that much power is another thing to keep in mind. Its a large variation of things to consider.

The bike is well priced for a 1000 putting aside the fact that its a BMW, im real curious to see its stats and actual race numbers/performance in an aggressive race in direct competition with the leaders both Europeans and Japanese.

The front end seems to resemble the Yami's IMO
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