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you got and demand.

to the OP - the purpose of any automaker is to maximize profit and sales. why bring in the lower end 1series if there is still a market for the higher end 1series and larger engined 3ers.

until that market dries up there is no reason for them bring over the rest of the lineup.

in fact i hear that 5er tourings will no longer be brought into the US. a few things comes to mind - very few people buying them and more people buying the very profitable X3/X5s. no surprise they make them here in NA now to avoid import taxes. and aside from the small numbers of 5er touring sold there is also cost of retrofitting the car to pass NA standards and going through the various safety tests. BMW isn't quite a low volume car maker like Ferrari/Lambo...etc. If they were none of us would be driving one and just be talking about them only.

unfortunately very few people here in NA want the smaller engined cars. and they charge a premium on the diesel cars cause they can as probably enthusiasts will buy them and willing to pay top dollar for it.

not quite the answer the OP wants to hear but it's a reality of a land and oil rich coutnry but people poor country.

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You obviously haven't been watching the news. The big 3 almost collapsed because we didn't buy what they produced, or conversely, they didn't produce what we want.

Fuel is twice as expensive in Europe as it is here. That's why they love their small cars with diesels or small displacement gas engines. Gas is cheap here and people love their big cars with big power. There isn't enough of a market in North America YET to make a business case for these small engined cars. Canada loves smaller cars but the market is too small to warrant much of a different product line from that of the US.

Economics 101 dude.
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