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Originally Posted by punnzzells View Post
I don't agree..... why is Honda bringing a diesel to N.America now... and regular Civics are 1.9L motors.... city golf, rabbits... 4 cyclinder... they are all popular.... not to mention the new Toyota Prius....

I think it's more of the BIG 3 controlling what you buy..... if we don't make it... then you can't bring it or buy it....

It makes no sense... the 1's are already here.... they are selling a lot of 335D and X5 D's since gas is crawling back up.... even look at the add VW has out for their diesel pocking fun at hybrids....

BMW should be ahead of the curve.. not behind it!

They even have hybrids in Germany... but , not here!
You obviously haven't been watching the news. The big 3 almost collapsed because we didn't buy what they produced, or conversely, they didn't produce what we want.

Fuel is twice as expensive in Europe as it is here. That's why they love their small cars with diesels or small displacement gas engines. Gas is cheap here and people love their big cars with big power. There isn't enough of a market in North America YET to make a business case for these small engined cars. Canada loves smaller cars but the market is too small to warrant much of a different product line from that of the US.

Economics 101 dude.
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