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Originally Posted by ABUSTAIF View Post
Thank you to everyone that made this event happen.


u wr suppose to come and u didn't like every year u say u coming then u don't show up u suck...

Euro 41 is back on the road =)
Big Respect to my Boy Robert from bimmersport to give me his beast. to do some fun with it because i couldn't take out my car due to diff problems . its E30 owner thing u wont understand
Jon still didn't pick up his car
Bliss is rollin in a sick black porsche

u suck u didn't come ....
Maaaaan, I'd come but my car embarrasses me and looks like crap. Plus I'm pulling it apart to sell it because of the reasons we discussed before. Damn cops!

Anyway, nice spins haha.
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and on a side note, why such a massive vagina flex
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