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BMW Trunk Lip Spoilers


Since the last group buy was a success, I will try and get another group buy going. I have a hook-up who can get brand new BMW trunk lip spoilers (replicas) for cheap. He can get it for coupes, sedans, convertibles, and Xi models from the following models...

E34 - 1988-1996
E36 - 1991-1999
E39 - 1995-2003
E46 - 1999-2005

They are made out of 100% high quality polyurethane foam (very flexible) and it comes with 3M double adhesive (easy DIY project). The fitment is perfect!!! The price for each is $75 painted or $35 un-painted.

Some of you were worried about the paint cracking since you have to curve it a bit when installing, but I can guarantee that the paint will not crack. My hook-up uses only high quality paint, Standox and DuPont paint, and best of all, the paint match is flawless!!!

I can ship anywhere within Canada, but the buyer is responsible for the shipping charges. It will take about 2-3 weeks for the spoilers to get here after I put in the order.

Prior to me ordering the spoilers, I will need a deposit from each buyer so I won't get screwed over by a buyer who backs out. I prefer accepting the deposits through PayPal because it is secure and both parties are protected. The deposit for painted spoilers are $25 and $10 for un-painted spoilers.

If you are interested in a painted spoiler, please include the color code of your car (ie. 309 for Artic Silver) when PMing me.

Here is a pic of a white one installed:

Here are some pics of a silver one not installed:

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