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There been a scam going on for the last 5 years but been going ballistic the last 10 months.I driver goes and gets insurance no matter what the rates are (usually a bad history),he pays first and last then cancels on the third month but still has legit slip.He has the slip BUT no insurance and usually they do it when they need to renew the plate sticker so the sticker reads active when the cops runs the plates but the cops has no information if the driver is still insured.Once my dad got hit at the back..idiot tried to say my dad reverse and hit him,well there was like 5 witnesses who saw otherwise.My dad told him he will head to the collision center in about 4 hours since the damage wasnt that great but decided to go directly instead,well when he got there the other driver was crying someone hit him and took off to the officer,my dad tap him in the back and his face turned bright red.The officer knew what happened and took my dads information and the other driver basically got a meeting with the supervisor there.Its a criminal offense to falsely report a accident.
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