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Originally Posted by Quack View Post
what so special about these door sills? have any pics, when I had my 540 it had door sills that had BMW stamped on it, I notice some other models doesn't have anything stamped on.
They say "BMW Individual" instead of just "BMW". That's about it.

Originally Posted by mazdaRXwhat View Post
well i dunno if Id call it for the cool factor or not..i think its cool cuz its different..thats what im going for. As for an 'M' violation..the door sills dont ad or change the performance of the, id say no..that its not the same as throwing an M badge on a non M bimmer
Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be an ass or anything... I'm asking as a serious question.

I know what you're saying about performance. Hell, I have some M-parts in my regular E30. My shift knob and steering wheel both have an M-stamp, but they were bought for the sake of the part and what it contributed to the car. I would not, however, put "M3" on the back of my trunk lid, or buy any part that was identical to it's replacement save for the fact that it has "M3" or "M Power" or something written on it. There are parts that have benefits, and there are parts for show.

In my mind, the "BMW Individual" markings are for a very specific type of car. It comes with a meaning attached to it. In a way, putting "Individual" door sills is misrepresenting what your car is. If you have some wild plans for the car that will set it apart, and you feel that the Individual would help the look... by all means go for it. I'm only expressing an opinion.

Originally Posted by 344i View Post
LOL individual has nothing to do with M. There is nothing wrong with putting on individual trim. Rxwhat?'s car is a M-package as well, so , umm, explain to me how thats a M- violation.
Like I said, it's misrepresentation.

If he has a 540 with an M package, sure he could stick an M logo somewhere and no one would think twice. I wouldn't expect him to stick an "M5" badge on the back of it, however, because it means something different.

Same with the Individual program... it's for a specific line of cars that BMW produced, and a car either is or is not a BMW Individual car. If he puts the door sills on, and someone walks up and says "Hey, is that a BMW Individual", his answer would have to be no.
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