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Originally Posted by BRAD 82 View Post
any issues or things that will need to be replaced?
When I bought it, it had some issues like ABS/ASC lights on (replaced speed sensors and ABS pump), leaking valve cover gaskets, needed a ball joint, wheel hub and a couple other minor issues but I've fixed most of them.

There's a crack in the left foglight so that would probably need to be replaced. I was going to change the bumper anyway so I hadn't bothered to do it yet.

The driver side mirror is "browning" which is the glue behind the glass emulsifying which is really only a cosmetic issue that seems to happen to most of these cars. The glass you can buy for around $30.

Other than that there aren't any issues that I'm aware of as I've fixed everything else. Even common problems like pixels on the computer dying aren't there so it's in pretty good shape.

I just don't drive it enough (maybe once or twice a week) to justify keeping it and I need the garage space.
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