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Originally Posted by Deep 3.2TL View Post
Aviva Elite is custom cars and such - nothing about what was talked about.
I don't know if this product still exists, I didn't see it on their web page... but they did have the Aviva Elite Autograph program where they record your driving behaviour and give discounts accordingly.


Autograph will enable eligible program participants to accurately track their driving behaviours using a data-gathering device that plugs into the diagnostic port typically found under the steering column of most cars made since 1996 (the port is called OBD2). The device records data on factors statistically proven to impact risk, including how much, how fast and when a car is driven.

Drivers can download the information from the device to their home computers with a USB port, whenever they wish, in order to review driving data, and determine their discount.

If they choose to, they can submit their data over a secure high-speed Internet connection to their insurer to be used as part of their insurance premium calculation. If they do choose to share this information, the minimum discount they will receive will be five per cent, just for participating. The maximum reward is a 25 per cent discount. [12]
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