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Originally Posted by m3convert View Post
sorry spoony prelude but my brakes DO COME STOCK LIKE THAT ITS A REAL M3 dont no what your sain about putting shit in the back yard but that is not my case they argued with me sain the car is front wheel drive and i need bigger brakes in the front not back like how ****in stupid,and its those ****ing pigs at 14 division there famous for that now.i have zkw glass projectors for how asked. thanks for the help everyone im gonna do safety and go to the minestry and get plates then show up at court say my car passed and hopefully thats it if some1 has better advise let me no pls
Someone correct me if im wrong, but I dont think M's came with slotted rotors stock. And Brian what im trying to say is, all these guys start bringing up ferrari's and lambos as examples of cars rocking H.I.D.s with low ground clearence and big brakes. But what I'm saying to them is you can't compare those cars to our as their's come stock with H.I.D.s, low, and most with cross drilled slotted rotors. Meanwhile ours don't.

BTW It's jay with the e36 vert on rs's

Anyways man, so what's going on with the car? any luck getting it back on the road?

2011 M3 coupe/moonstone/fox red

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