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Sorry to say, but to all of you going on and on about lambos with H.I.D's and slotted breaks, You do realize that it comes from the factory like that. The car was designed that way!

Now when you start adding shit to your car. Yes technically bigger brakes mean better stopping power. But to the cops, how do they know the installation was done properly?

4-5 point racing harness' are much safer then your average seat belt, but after you installed it in your back yard has any misitry licenced tech checked to make sure it meets the "seat belt safety specs...."

I hope you guys realize that and think about it before you start saying things like oh but lambos have this and that why cant I?

As for me, My car is going back up so I wont have to worry about the low issue, I know a lot of guys who have had their plates pulled recently because of this, and its just not worth the hassel!

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