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2011 335i GT confirmed by BMW

What started as a rumor nearly two years ago, it has became reality: BMW will introduce a new model in the 3 Series family: 335i GT, short for Gran Turismo. Following the steps of the recent released BMW 5 Series GT and the newly confirmed 1 Series GT, the BMW 335i GT will hit the showrooms in 2011.
Internally dubbed as V3 or Progressive Activity Coupe, the 335i GT is based on the new, slightly longer and cost efficient modular platform that will be used in the new 3 Series models, a platform that can be stretched or shrunk based on the vehicle. 335i GT sports a rear-end combination between a touring and a shooting brake model. The 3 Series GT will not feature the flexible trunk arrangement, but instead settling for a traditional trunk which provides increased flexibility. The customer will be able to lift the glass area for easy storage and then have full use of a tailgate, as you would have in an SAV or Touring.
The BMW 335i GT will provide increase personal luxury, something we’re currently seeing in the 5 Series GT. It will also offer back seat personalization, an optional bench or individual seating. 3 Series GT will receive the full Panoramic roof stretch from the front windscreen to the rear screen increasing the space.

Sources talk about the 335i GT as being a very dynamic car that could be considered an alternative to the Touring model, but with a more personal feeling attach to it.
The 3 Series GT vehicles will be powered by the award winning 3.0 liter six cylinder turbo gasoline and diesel engines, but additional powerplants will be offered in different markets. BMW’s upcoming four cylinder turbocharged petrol engine is expected to be offered as an option as well.
The BMW 335i GT will be competing with the upcoming 2010 Audi A5 Sportback, a five-door configuration concept much sleeker than traditional Audi Avant wagons.
The first prototypes will start the testing on public roads in September and even though not confirmed at this time, rumors say that BMW might showcase the 3 Series GT as a concept at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

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