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for those of you getting into the sport, I really suggest just renting until you feel that you are ready to play it serious enough to buy the equipment.

I bought an entire set, gun, mask, hopper, and co2 tank, thought it was awesome, blah, blah, cost me 200$ total most of it new cept for the co2 tank that was used. I used it about 5 times so far since i bought it 3 years ago.

If I had rented, it would have cost me at this point about 50$ in rental fees.

The only real expense is the paintballs, and that adds up quite fast. Its a very expensive sport, really made for 14 to 18 year olds to siphon money out of their parents, because really how often is an adult going to go out paintballing?

The rental guns will be just as good as any of the low end markers, if not better in some cases. Honestly, if you find after renting that its something you want to do id suggest getting something mid range that will run you between 300 to 500$ just for the marker. they are better quality and better markers all around.

not trying to rain on the sale here. low end markers are good too, but its more a pain in the ass to buy all the equipment youll need to enjoy the sport, then have to clean the gun after every match, etc, then it will be to rent.
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