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Alright so as some as you may saw i have had a lot up for sale on here and kijiji. Well needless to say I had someone msg me about my gfs sister k2 bindings. the email address did not work i tried it sooo many times. anyways in the msg after the email failing sooo many times there was a link (From:
Please let me know what is the correct price because I see your product listed and to the address bellow with a different price: with the same product that i was advertising at a diff price. so i was like WTF this don't make any sense what so ****ing ever.

well I copy that link (DON'T ANY OF YOU COPY THAT LINK IF YOU HAVE A KIJIJI ACCOUNT!!!! ) and it just takes me to kijiji home page shit, so i did it couple times and im quite puzzled. so w/e i stopped caring.

anyways i've sold a couple of the things and i go to go on just now to delete them and well all my adds were gone, no longer posted, which was ****ing odd conserding i just posted them like sun/mon. WEIRD NO???? so i go to my profile part its got some ****ed up weird email address and nick name, not a clue were they came from, so i change them, i change the password, and i log out to log in again.

well guess what, my login no longer works. my ****ing kijiji account got hacked??? does that not seem a lil stupid and the dumbest idea ever??
i mean thats the only thing that makes sense for what happened. kijiji adds stay up for like what 2 months or so, and 3 days later my ads are gone and i can't login anymore? i mean unless one of you know something i don't about a prob with kijiji, but WTF(why the ****) would someone do that to a FREE account,lol.

some people just are all there...i mean some of us aren't all there, me included lol, but others, like OMFG.

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