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Originally Posted by Gamite View Post
1. floating calipers are too good for this price range
2. floating calipers aren't good enough for this price range.
He's saying that they aren't good enough for this price range. I agree and disagree. For the average user the dual piston front and single piston rear floating calipers (the brakes on the current model M5) have more than sufficient braking capability. For the motorsport enthusiast however a fixed caliper / floating rotor set up is in check.
BMW does offer a 6 piston fixed caliper in their performance line up though

Just from the spy pics it looks like there might be a fixed caliper on the car because it looks like it might have a floating rotor.

edit: KERS... yes!

edit 2:

based on this pic they are 6 piston calipers so they are probably fixed

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